Basikal jelajah 5 negara besar dicuri di Melaka

Basikal jelajah 5 negara besar dicuri di Melaka

Kesian orang ni, dia guna basikal tersebut untuk travelling ke negara-negara. Tapi bila sampai he dekat Melaka,Malaysia. Habis Kena curi. Sesiapa yang ada info boleh terus pm Page Melaka Kini

Mari baca laporan daripada pemilik basikal tersebut:

Dear Friends from Malaysia,

Today at 6 am in the morning a thief stole my bicycle which was standing in front of the main entrance of olive flashpackers in Melaka, Malaysia. This hostel did not let me put the bicycle inside, so had to park it outside. His sticky fingers look very professional in the way he opened the locker without using a key or even cracking it. This theft is already reported to the police.

Here some important features to identify the bicycle:
– German handmade steel frame with stickers showing “bike manufaktur” and “handmade by bike manufaktur” and “BM 160 -7– XL”
– There is also the sticker of the retailer “Radsport Fricke – Detmold -Remmighausen”
– All components such as switchgear, deraillour, crank, wheel hubs and brake lever are of Shimano deore LX
– Trires: Btwin Trekking Grip 700x42c
– Butterfly handlebar with Ortlieb bag holder, bike computer “bikemate” and Smartphone holder
– KMC 9-Speed chain
– Frame size 58 cm
– Front and rear rack

If someone is trying to sell you such a bicycle or even parts of it, at suspiciously low price: do not accept it! . Also, such kind of bicycle is hardly sold in Asia, especially here in Melaka where it has got stolen.

With this bicycle I have been travelling various countries like Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and now Malaysia. I wish to continue my trip towards Bali, Indonesia but need your help to get it back. Any helps resulting in return of my bicycle will be rewarded with 200 MYR

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